Managed Security Operations Centre

provided by DCL in partnership with Armor

A Security Operations Centre (SOC) is the dynamic response security frontline for businesses with two key cybersecurity features:

- SIEM software and processes (Security Information Event Management)

- SOAR teams (Security Orchestration Automation and Response)

Setting up an internal SOC is costly and often beyond most mid-sized business budgets. That should not stop what is now an essential line of defence for business network systems against the increasing threat of ransomware attacks.

Bringing in third party cybersecurity experts makes it affordable. 

The Digital Craftsmen & Armor SOC means businesses get the best level of cyber defence available and is a clear demonstration of best practice in managing cyber risks and the regulatory compliance obligations  all directors face today.

DCL security service

Delivering industry leading IT Management, Technologies, Processes and Customer Service across public and private clouds is our ‘raison d’etre’.

Digital Craftsmen is ISO:27001 & Cyber Essentials accredited and our focus on Security and IT Best Practices compliments the Armor's security offering.

Value of DCL's SOC service:

Auditing - Utilising the Armor Anywhere toolset, DCL runs a complete audit of system security, vulnerabilities

Hardening - Any vulnerabilities or issues are identified and the priority is to remediate the systems to ensure a secure baseline is implemented for your organisation.

Consultancy - Industry endorsed IT Security and Cloud Experts on hand to a) fully align the SOC security services to your organisation and Cloud  journey b) continue to optimise on your current requirements c) support in development of future plans or objectives.

Our Project Management Team are trained to manage and deliver your IT projects. 

Experienced and verified by industry accreditations to work across all major cloud providers, DCL also operates its multi-site private cloud using VMWare bringing together the best of both for businesses looking for hybrid managed hosting solutions. 

Armor security service

It’s not just one or the other. To effectively protect against cyberthreats in cloud and hybrid environments, you must be deeply experienced in both cloud and security.

Armor has honed this dual-expertise over the past decade by building and maintaining their own secure cloud infrastructure and defending it with the best security professionals and processes.

Armor’s team comprises of:

Armor’s Threat Resistance Unit (TRU) – TRU team collects, enriches and disseminates threat intelligence to ensure our experts stay ahead of threats.

Security Operations – Experts who extend your security programme through 24/7/365 monitoring and protection.

Security Engineering – Experts responsible for the configuration and correlation of backend tools to provide enhanced security outcomes for our clients. 

Support – Our extended support team bring additional value and insights for our customers in their environment.

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) – Compliance experts with extensive years of experience to ensure our secure hosting environment and our security capabilities are aligned and comply to major compliance and security frameworks.

Benefits of working with Digital Craftsmen and Armor: 

Affordable security and protection with no compromise to the level of protection, monitoring and response to combat the increased threats of cyberattacks:

  1. Continuous protection - 24/7 - 365
  2. Quick and effective response 
  3. Decreased costs of breaches and operations
  4. Threat prevention
  5. Security expertise
  6. Communication and collaboration
  7. Regulatory compliance 
  8. Improved business reputation
  9. Emerging threat trends from aggregated reporting

Read the DCL and Armor SOC whitepaper and our Evolution of Cybersecurity blog post to discover why bringing in external cybersecurity specialists makes business sense with no compromise on quality and level of service provided. 

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