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SMEs Provide Better Customer Service than Huge Corporates

techUK SME Survey report: Procuring for Innovation and Growth

We are big believers that as a small company we’re able to provide better service to our clients than larger hosting companies. We set up Digital Craftsmen to bring a personal face to a service that’s often impersonal and delivered entirely online. We’re only a phone call away if our clients have a question or need to change things quickly, and that’s something that they really value.

Last week we attended the SME Survey report launch, as part of techUK’s SME week. TechUK represents the companies and technologies that are defining today, the world that we will live in tomorrow. To better understand the views of SMEs operating in this market, techUK undertook a comprehensive survey to capture their experience on the ground.

What’s techUK’s report all about?

techUK’s report ‘Procuring for innovation and growth: making the case for British based SMEs’ is based on the views of 171 technology SMEs, and sets out six recommendations for Government, to attract a more diverse and effective supply chain.

What were the key findings?

  1. G-Cloud is making a difference but Government needs to promote and increase its use
  • 80% said G-Cloud had helped SMEs access the market
  1. Civil service culture and capability remain key barriers to embracing a diverse supply chain
  • 96% of respondents did not think that civil servant buyers have a good understanding of how SMEs can meet their needs
  1. Poor procurement practices continue to prevail. The top three barriers for SMEs accessing the public sector market:
  • 64% highlighted onerous procurement processes
  • 59% highlighted a risk averse culture in civil service
  • 33% highlighted onerous terms and conditions in public sector contracts
  1. SMEs are not aware of the tools that UK Government has created to help them
  • 86% of respondents had never used the Government’ Mystery Shopper* service

*Mystery Shopper – a tool for suppliers to raise concerns about the conduct of a procurement process which they have been part of directly with the Crown Commercial Service

  1. SMEs are not aware of the Cabinet Office’s SME Panel
  • 78% of respondents had no awareness of the Government’s Cabinet Office’s SME Panel
  1. Government must do more to improve SMEs’ supply chain experience
  • 96% of respondents thought that Government should be doing more to improve SMEs’ experience as part of the supply chain route to selling into the public sector

What does this mean for Digital Craftsmen’s clients?

There’s comfort in the knowledge that the UK government are putting faith in SMEs in the same way our clients are. In general, SMEs tend to place a far greater emphasis on service because losing a client has a direct and immediate impact on them.

The UK government is making an investment into ensuring SMEs get a fair crack of the whip with public sector contracts. This means they trust SMEs to do a good job, they recognise that SMEs are often cheaper and give better value for money. SMEs are usually more agile and more efficient that large corporations.

Take a look at some of the noise generated around techUK the SME Survey Report Launch:



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