July 13


Technology for Insurance: TINtech 2015 in Review

Last week, we exhibited at TINtech 2015 – The Insurance Network’s Technology Conference.

Digital Craftsmen at TINTech

TINtech looked at how insurers can meet today’s digital challenges and be ready for tomorrow’s. Digital Craftsmen and our fellow exhibitors demonstrated how industry professionals can harness new technologies to enable efficient, effective and innovative operating models that would lead to improved customer insight. In turn driving sales and service, and meeting rising expectations.

What were the main points the keynote speakers made?

Firstly for insurance companies, working with the latest Cloud technologies actually makes it easier for them to attract top talent.

Secondly, simply collecting data is not enough; success can only be measured by how you harness it and use it to increase customer acquisition and improve retention.

Digital Craftsmen hosted a specialist panel discussion with Dan Huddart, Head of Development at RSA on ‘Cloud Architecture’. The discussion focused on building the business case for Cloud, both internally and externally, and deploying it successfully.

Dan presented on the operational benefits of adopting cloud computing and answered questions about the technical challenges and avoiding common pitfalls.

According to Dan, Cloud acceptance and adoption is on the increase; whereas once Cloud was something to be feared, it is now becoming a central part of businesses aims.

We met some really interesting individuals’ who stuck around to the end of Dan’s talk for a great in-depth technical Q&A. For Digital Craftsmen, the overwhelming message from Dan’s session was: “find the right partner to help you make the move into the cloud, don’t try to do it all on your own.”

As always, the Insurance Network facilitated and hosted an insightful event, which was well attended by insurance industry professionals. We’re looking forward to next year already.

If you didn’t make it over to us on Stand 30 but want to know more about how Digital Craftsmen can provide the ingredients for hosting success, drop us a line – [email protected] – or call of 0845 519 5292.


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