Website speed audit

Better Cloud performance
better It performance
Save money on your cloud services
secure your It infrastructure

Slow websites kill sales. Our scan identifies bottlenecks in your code or web hosting with zero downtime

How it works

  • Provide your consent form, asset groups and a list of IP's or apps you wish us to scan.
  • Digital craftsmen will analyse your website performance report to prove an action list
  • Working with your team, we will reduce load times by up to 70% with minimal hassle

What our report includes :

  • Implement caching to reduce the amount of times your website visitors have to load your website
  • Reduce HTTP requests where page elements such as text, images and code are bundled together
  • Minify your code to remove unneccessary space, comments, etc especially with CSS and Javascript
  • Implement a CDN network to serve content closer to the user which significantly reduces latency
  • Enable compression to reduce the overall file size by up to 80% and serving files quicker from the server
  • Identify unusually slow resources line unoptimised images that may be creating bottlenecks for you