Hybrid Cloud brings the best features and benefits of private (on-premises infrastructure) and public cloud services together. It’s an excellent option for businesses looking for highly dynamic and powerful cloud hosting tailored to your specific requirements.

We provide hybrid solutions through various providers, including AWS, Azure and Google.

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What is Hybrid Cloud Hosting?

A combination of public and private cloud hosting, Hybrid Cloud hosting allows you to maintain a private cloud infrastructure with the option to take advantage of additional resources in the public cloud when you need them.

For instance, a high-profile site may require incoming users to go through Cloudflare to mitigate brute-force attacks and hacking attempts on a public cloud hosting platform before entering a private hosting infrastructure that requires lower latency and cloud resources. Similarly, e-commerce websites benefit from additional cloud resource and public cloud support at times of high-online traffic such as Black Friday.

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The three components required to build a hybrid hosting environment:


Public cloud

Such as AWS, Azure, GCP


Private computing resources

Such as on-premises data centre


Strong network connection

To connect to the hybrid cloud’s private and public cloud environments.

The Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Hybrid Cloud hosting offers real, and measurable benefits. Partnering with trusted third-party experts at Digital Craftsmen is an easy and cost-effective way for businesses to bring the Hybrid Cloud model into your operations.


Not being tied or restricted to one vendor


Choosing what and where you store your data

Cost management

Managing cloud costs by hosting on private data centres

Agility and scalability

Provisioning of resources to meet demand spikes without incurring additional cloud costs

Resiliency and interoperability

Running workloads in both cloud environments


Knowing exactly where your data is avoids any potential issues in heavily regulated industries where data must reside


Full control of exactly where your business-critical information is in the private cloud hosting environment

However, it doesn’t come without challenges.

Running private/on-prem servers in-house and then integrating public cloud infrastructure together requires a substantial CAPEX investment and then costly ongoing maintenance and management.

Hybrid cloud considerations are:


On-premises and public cloud approaches are not fully compatible and do not always sync up, producing issues around latency and other complexities.

Data Handling

Not planning which cloud option provides the most secure and cost-effective environment can be a costly mistake.

Complex Access Management

Implementing centralised protocols backed up by SSO is essential for securing data.

Private Cloud

A substantial CapEx investment from the outset for a business, requiring costly ongoing maintenance, putting a drain on internal resources which can be better deployed elsewhere.

Proper Planning

For managing additional software such as help desks, databases, and the many software tools businesses use for their operations.

Synchronisation of Data

It’s easy for cloud costs to spiral if data is not managed properly.

Skills Gap

The skills required for managing public and private cloud differ, and the learning curve to close the skills gap has often led to costly mistakes due to human error.

Why choose Digital Craftsmen?

An agnostic approach

We take an agnostic approach, which means we aren’t biased or restricted to certain hosting providers. Different members of our team are trained in different cloud providers. From Google Cloud architects to AWS experts, our teams of specialists ensure a hands-on, practical approach with a high level of understanding of cloud features and how to apply them to your exact requirements.

Cost-efficient solutions

Our experts are trusted by household names and high-stake enterprises to provide a secure, flexible and cost-efficient Hybrid Cloud hosting solution. We know how to utilise the best tools from different providers and will facilitate automation between public and private clouds, so you get the most out of each resource and most importantly, reduce costs whilst always operating at optimal efficiency. This flexible approach is key to building long-lasting relationships with our clients, who trust us to always find the best long-term cost savings for them.

Your trusted partner

Many clients view us as an extension of their IT team. We have the skills and wealth of expertise to plan, implement and manage Hybrid Cloud environments with ease. You’ll have access to a skilled team 24/7 with a proven track record of helping clients thrive in a Hybrid Cloud, which frees up your internal resources and ensures you’re in a strong position to take full advantage of the benefits that tailored cloud hosting brings.

A security mindset

Security is at the heart of everything we do. We keep up to date with the latest challenges of running cloud infrastructure in today’s competitive world and constantly monitor new threats to stay proactive in the face of the latest cybersecurity trends. We operate our own highly secure, dedicated private cloud across multiple London data centres and combined with a process-driven approach, provide peace of mind and reliability across hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Craftsmen in the Cloud

We are certified cloud-agnostic hosting experts, with the expertise and proven experience in setting up and managing our clients’ hybrid cloud environments.

Our success is when we see clients reap the benefits of the cloud to achieve their business goals.

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  • Cyber Essentials Plus-Certified
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  • Security & Compliance Built-in
  • 100% uptime – 24/7, 365
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