Technical Consultancy

We make the Cloud work perfectly and simply for our clients. 

We never over-complicate technology.

Our approach is to tailor technology to work for you, rather than the other way round. 

We believe technology works best when it is designed around Simplicity and Elegance. 

Clients trust our Cloud engineers to manage their complex hosting environments. 

From the design, deployment, monitoring and security of mission-critical data and applications, our specialist teams are ready to support you at whatever point you are in your cloud journey. 

Discover more about our exceptional Cloud services which is why we are called Craftsmen.

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Best Practice Insight: 

We invest significantly in our teams, in their expertise, training them to the highest industry standards, which means you get the best practice and expertise for your business. It’s why we have been awarded Investors In People for the last ten years.


We are always optimising time and resources because we know it matters for our clients. It’s why we’ve built our managed cloud services to take care of the automation and orchestration of your business’ infrastructure, leaving your developers free to focus on the essential work for your business growth.

Contact Digital Craftsmen today to find out how our team of cloud experts will help your business to grow and flourish in the Cloud.

We provide managed cloud services for multiple organisations and across different sectors. Whether it’s to bridge the gap between the capacity of your IT department and the increasing demand for fast-moving, stable, high-performance cloud technology.

Our Cloud solutions simplify the complexities of cloud environments.

This is because we are platform and software agnostic, so our craftsmen select the best cloud provider and the right software to design and build you a truly bespoke cloud solution for your business’s present and future needs.

We know how to support a business’s legacy systems and then how to migrate from legacy systems into the new cloud software or innovations – without missing a heartbeat.

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