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A Word From Our Founder

"I started this business in 2002 with one aim: to help companies do IT right. I've seen the evolution of hosting delivery models from both sides - the experience earned in maximising ROI in our own data centres, as well as ensuring my team is trained on the latest cloud technologies.

There is no silver bullet to the challenges of running a modern, technology-focussed organisation. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. There is only best practice, and using our expertise to help customers find what's right for them. That's what it means to choose Digital Craftsmen."

Simon Wilcox - Founder & Managing Director

Simon Wilcox

Simon Wilcox - Managing Director

Managing Director

Paul Orrock

Paul Orrock - Technical Director

Technical Director

Iain Stevenson

Iain Stevenson - Finance Director

Finance Director

Ben Sanders

Ben Sanders - Lead Solutions Architect

Lead Solutions Architect

Mark Harper

Mark Harper - Service Delivery Manager

Service Delivery Manager

Sej Naul

Sej Naul - Service Delivery Manager

Service Delivery Manager


Enterprise IT is evolving and it's difficult to keep pace. That's where we come in. Digital Craftsmen’s mission is to help you become a modern, technology-centric organisation that is built on best practice, secure server infrastructure and reliable secure hosting service delivery.


Choose the right operating model.
• Retain the right skills and capabilities.
• Build on secure IT infrastructure.
• Support you can always rely on.
• Always keep ahead of the bad guys.
• Stay agile – from dev to production.


For over 15 years Digital Craftsmen has provided tailored hosting and IT security solutions to businesses around the country ranging from large financial services companies to short-term government projects. Did you know that Digital Craftsmen spends 3x more than the industry average on training and certification each year? The result is an ever-expanding list of competencies across cloud infrastructure, security, governance and optimisation.


Managed Cloud – a choice of public clouds supported by our team.
• Managed IaaS – private cloud solutions and managed UK hosting .
• Security Solutions – a range of services to protect your IT investment.
• Professional Services – design, deploy and manage bespoke solutions.


We are operating model agnostic. We have experience managing public cloud infrastructure as well as operating our own data centres for private cloud and managed hosting customers. We offer true flexibility to our customers irrespective of where they choose to host their workloads. We strongly believe that understanding the business requirements before diving into a technology discussion helps us present the right solution at the best price possible.

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