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For two decades we’ve secured clients, their data, and networks against cyberattacks with our intelligent cyber security services.

The commoditisation of online threats in our hyper-connected world means that ALL businesses are at increased risk from ransomware cyber-attacks.

The expertise required to counter these threats is expensive and difficult to recruit.

However, with over 20 years of experience in combating cyber-attacks, we play a key role in corporate security strategy for a range of businesses, from marketing agencies to FinTech and the government sector.

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Our Cyber Security solutions

Managed Security Operations Centre

A Security Operations Centre (SOC) is a centralised monitoring system that provides proactive, rapid response, and effective threat detection against vulnerabilities and targeted attacks. Investing in SOC level of defence internally is a costly investment. Which is why it makes financial sense to bring in third party specialists, even more so when considering the far-reaching damage and costs associated with a data breach or cyber-attack. We work in partnership with Qualys, Armor and Cyber Rocket to provide you with a range of cost-effective managed SOC solutions offering real-time monitoring and immediate incident response.

Free Vulnerability Audit

We offer a free vulnerability audit to identify any vulnerabilities,  whether it be in initial set-up through to any potential issues that could be exploited across your network. Cyber-attacks will cause severe financial and reputational consequences, so it should be a business imperative that you take a proactive approach to protect and defend your business or organisation. Our vulnerability audit comes with guidance on how to remediate and fix vulnerabilities, and recommendations on to keep your network secure in the future.

Free website speed audit

A slow website can severely affect site performance by losing potential customers. A fast website creates a better user experience and helps to build trust. For your customers, it makes it easier for them to navigate a site through to conversion or action. In addition to having positive impact on site performance and conversions, a website speed audit can also help to identify vulnerabilities that could affect your network. A slow-loading website is a signal vulnerability that need rectifying, such as outdated or unpatched software. Our website speed audit analyses your website performance and delivers a bespoke report with a list of issues to fix to reduce your load times by up to 70%.

Penetration testing

Penetration testing is a simulated cyber-attack against your organisation’s computer systems to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers. It provides an in-depth, real-life view of your systems as an attacker sees them and how your network would react, helping to secure your organisation against an attack. As cyber-security experts, we carry out penetration testing alongside regular vulnerability audits to defend and protect your organisation from attacks.

Cyber Security consulting

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses and organisations to secure their online operations over the past 20 years. Our tailored approach means we constantly research and identify new ways to actively improve and optimise our clients’ IT systems and networks to enhance security, boost performance and make cost savings.

The 3 Pillars of Cyber Security

Our focus on understanding people, process and technology underpins our exceptional cyber security offering. The Three Pillars approach ensures proactive, efficient, and ongoing threat management which runs through all our cyber security services:


Our IT teams have the latest cyber security skills, expertise, and qualifications to implement the controls, technologies, and practices against increasing cyber-threats. We continuously research and identify ways to improve your current infrastructure to keep your business up to date for optimal defence and performance.


Processes are the glue for organisational framework and documentation behind cyber security. We ensure that everyone understands their roles in mitigating risks or dealing with threats in real time.

We update our documents continually to keep up with the latest threats and reported attacks and monitor reports about cyber-criminals ever-evolving attack techniques.


Technology if implemented by experienced experts undoubtedly raises the levels of defence.

However, if the technology is deployed without sufficient planning or a limited understanding of the environment they are being set up in, then it becomes part of the problem and not the solution. Our Craftsmen are trained to ensure that any security technology deployed is up to date and set up correctly to effectively protect and defend.

Why choose Digital Craftsmen?

Investors in People

We take pride in investing in our team and spend more than 3x the industry average on training and certification each year. It means we operate at the top level in our industry and are leaders in cyber security. We do this extra due diligence in our training and skills so that the services we provide for our clients are always the best in class for cyber security. It’s something that we know helps our clients to have business peace of mind.

Dedicated support

Our operational ITIL support desk is available 24/7. Our dedicated support team is here for your business, whenever you need us. From incident response to technical advice, we proactively investigate, monitor, and remedy any issues without delay.

Verified Cyber Security partners

Our partnerships with global cyber security leaders Qualys, Armor, Cyber Rocket, and VMware bring the latest technologies, best practices, and learnings which we bring to our clients on their cyber security journey.

Certified experts

Our cyber security team are certified ISO:27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus verified experts ready to secure all systems, networks, data and people.

It's time to reassess your state of security preparedness.

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