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22 January 2020

Cybersecurity 2020: Rising threats, rising costs, rising damage

At the start of this year, we’ve posted a blog on the ICT and Cloud trends to look out for in 2020 – and top of […]
15 January 2020

Year 2020 trends through the DCL looking glass

Welcome to the new year and what looks to be one with exciting developments in the ICT, managed hosting and cloud world.  Whilst we’re still in […]
23 December 2019

Security audits: Not the kind of threat you should fear

Running a security audit on your IT infrastructure means you’re one step ahead of hackers ‘Audit’ is a word laden with significance, impact, gravitas, formality and […]
17 December 2019

CTO’s To-dos before Christmas aka getting ready for 2020 IT challenge

With Christmas looming just over the horizon, we’re in the final count-down before leaving the office and having a few well earned days off. We thought […]
16 December 2019

A case for contracting third party experts.

As discussed in our previous blog post, IT services are not only about writing software, even when it is well written. It needs to be ‘well’ […]
16 December 2019

Bridging the divide: A story of two legacy applications and one API

There is no doubt digital transformation is affecting how businesses operate online with cloud computing offering compelling benefits, from unprecedented flexibility in IT infrastructure use and […]
16 December 2019

‘Add more resources’ – is not a high-availability strategy: 3 reasons why a microservices architecture may be your answer

Everybody loves high availability. Everything needs to be available all the time – ‘always on’ – whenever and wherever you want it and need it. It’s […]
11 December 2019

How do you do a TCO analysis to understand the benefits of migrating to the Cloud?

Anyone migrating to the cloud needs to do at least some basic calculations of the costs around this. Besides the obvious strategic benefits of moving to […]
20 November 2019

A Well Architected Framework: Why IT projects are not only tools and tinkering

In this blog post we look at the best practices and expertise that sit behind a well architected framework and why it’s so important to get […]