November 17


itSMF 2019 Takeaways

Hi all,

I recently spoke at the 2019 itSMF Conference in London. I hope you enjoyed the talk and find the takeaways below useful.

My talk entitled: “The Client & Me: Effective Service Delivery for MSPs” was a whistle-stop tour into my world of Service Management covering everything from core skills to time management techniques to framework implementation. I’ve also attached a copy of the presentation for you to view and they’ll be some videos to follow shortly.

Thank you to all those who attended, I hope you found it helpful and insightful. And see you all next year.



Trello Shortcuts


Trello Board Templates




Mapping FitSM to Other Frameworks


Downloads & Templates


Digital Craftsmen  – Service Documentation 

Sej Naul itSMF 2019 Presentation


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