June 8


TINtech 2014

We are stripping the cloud bare at this year’s TINTech event — a leading technology strategy meet-up for the insurance sector.

Digital Craftsmen is introducing and sponsoring a ‘no holds barred’ cloud architecture workshop and panel discussion with Dan Roberts, Director of IT, Change and Risk at 1st Central Group, which operates First Central Insurance and Skyfire Insurance.

“There are so many advantages to cloud hosting,” commented session host Simon Wilcox, Digital Craftsmen founder and MD.

“But many organisations slip up by not properly assessing the risks of migration, or understanding that a cloud solution still needs to be managed. Our session will explode the myths and highlight the pitfalls, as well as explore the advantages.”

Other sponsors and speakers at TINtech 2014 include Accenture, Sapiens, Aviva, RSA Insurance Group and Hiscox.

  • Digital Craftsmen’s cloud architecture workshop runs at TINTech 2014 at 15.20 on June 12th 2014. The event is being held at Grand Connaught Rooms, 61 – 65 Great Queen Street, London. Full details here.


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